Catering Menu

Something Delicious For Every Taste

KFC Catering has a wide variety of foods to please every guest.

Buffet style meals, individual boxed meals-on-the-go, or party platters.  Everything from drinks to desserts.   

A MENU YOU AND YOUR GUESTS KNOW AND LOVE:  KFC Catering provides decades proven meals right out of the Colonel’s kitchen. Chicken choices America loves. Whether it is Original Recipe with its 11 secret herbs and spices (even we don’t know what they are), Extra Crispy, Grilled, or a mix. Rounded out with homestyle fixin’s made to perfectly complement whatever your chicken choices are.

kfc catering menu

BUFFET STYLE: Your choice of chicken combined with homestyle sides like zesty cole slaw (some say it’s as good as our chicken), hot mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet kernel corn, macaroni & cheese, or green beans. And imagine KFC’s own buttermilk biscuits, baked in our own ovens and delivered to your banquette table so fresh sometimes they seem to be steaming.

MEALS ON-THE-GO: KFC’s individual boxed meals. Whether it’s eat-and-run in a work environment, or a casual affair like a group picnic or kids affair, this is an option. Choose from any of KFC’s three finger lickin’ chicken recipes, or Popcorn Nuggets, or Extra Crispy Strips. (Even our Nuggets and Strips are real, whole chicken pieces. Never ground.) Each meal includes your choice of two individual sides, a biscuit, a chocolate chip cookie, and disposable utensils with napkins. Simple for you to order. Easy for your guests to enjoy.

PARTY PLATTERS: Game day party? Club party? Or just…Party? KFC has the snackable food your friends crave. That’s not our guess. We know that because that’s what they order at the restaurant. Extra Crispy Strips. Popcorn Nuggets. Hot Wings. Everyone’s favorites by popular purchase.

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