Events / Special Occasions

Whether you’re hosting a birthday for 10, a graduation party for 100, a wedding for 200, or a business celebration for 500, we can make the food something you don’t have to worry about.  

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Baraboo KFC Catering

Birthday parties, graduation parties, weddings, business events, KFC has done them all. 
The KFC team at Baraboo is long on experience. Bring us your budget and we’ll bring you a plan. Tell us about your event, and we’ll help you put together the perfect meal. Big or small, we’ve done them all. Many customers pick up their order at the restaurant in our specially designed catering packaging. Keeps hot things hot and cool things cool. Or you can have KFC deliver it. We’ll even serve it if that would make you feel more at ease.
Here’s something to be nervous about:  Catered meals you are unfamiliar with and…a birthday party for 10…a graduation party for 100…a wedding for 200…a business event for 500. They all involve your friends, relatives, guests and…food. Hospitality. That’s where KFC comes in.  You know us.  Your guests know us.  We turn your worry into confidence. Excitement. We’re proud of our product. We’re proud of our service. And we know the Colonel would be proud of us. We want you to be too.