Our Staff

Adam is the Manager of the KFC/A&W in Baraboo, and will do whatever it takes to satisfy your catering needs.  Adam has worked at KFC for 11 years.  

He grew up in Baraboo, played football for the Baraboo Thunderbirds, and graduated from Baraboo High School.  

Baraboo KFC Catering

Baraboo KFC Catering

His Assistant Manager is Melinda.  Melinda is another Baraboo native, and is married to Adam.  Adam and Melinda are about the nicest young couple you’ll ever meet, and really care about their guests at the restaurant. 

Letting Adam handle your event is a very safe decision.

Here’s Adam’s invitation to you:  “I love catering and I’m proud of Colonel Sanders’ product.  So I’m inviting you to stop in for a taste of whatever you are considering for your function.  Make a meal of it.  Just call and be my guest.  Then leave your worrying with me”